Santiago Precious Metals is working on discovering deposits of precious metals in some of the most productive regions in South America. In recent years, Santiago Precious Metals has developed a robust reputation for successful delivery of our gold, silver, platinum and palladium exploration and discovery operations.

Santiago Precious Metals utilises a unique combination of conventional exploration methods together with innovative techniques, many of which are proprietary systems developed by Santiago Precious Metals’ team of industry specialists. Santiago Precious Metals undertakes comprehensive searches of the terrain utilising satellite imagery, topographical mapping and aerial surveillance, employing a variety of mediums such as satellites, GPS, drones, manned flights, terrain robotics, and spectral analysis as well as the time honoured methods of panning and digging. We aim to identify locations with the geographic, geomorphic and geological characteristics which are commonly found in major precious metal producing areas.

Complementary to our comprehensive search capabilities, Santiago Precious Metals employs a range of detailed exploration techniques at the locations we identify as having the highest potential for discovery of precious metals. This stage includes rock sampling, water sediment testing and core sample analysis. Our aim is to pinpoint the areas with the highest concentrations of precious metals in order that we may further target these areas for resource evaluation and eventual capitalisation through mining.

Reserve discovery is the foundation of Santiago Precious Metals’ business model and is a critical factor in maintaining our long term success. We are able to use the data obtained in our discovery process when acquiring rights, negotiating claim revenue splits and in preparing an extraction plan. Santiago Precious Metals’ success is built upon our long-term investment in exploration, development of innovative techniques and in acquisition rights to properties with unexplored potential. This allows Santiago Precious Metals to further augment our established reputation of discovering reserves of precious metals and rare minerals which are economically valuable, environmentally acceptable and logistically viable.