Santiago Precious Metals was established by exploration industry veterans with many decades of collective technical and operational experience. Our management board members have accumulated insightful experience and invaluable knowledge of the precious metals industry throughout their careers, ensuring we all have a hands-on perspective of our work.

With over 300 years of experience in the industry, with more than half of that experience in South America, our team is able to combine their expertise in technical and operational fields such as geological mapping, geochemical testing and site engineering, with real word knowledge of the terrain, culture and business practices required to succeed in the region.

Our team is diverse both in terms of experience and background, and we believe that the only determinants of success are our team members’ willingness to improve and drive to succeed. We believe in equality of opportunity at every level of our business and we strive to create an inclusive environment for our team. As a result, our team of specialists comprises individuals of all backgrounds from around the globe as well as many team members from the communities in which we work.

Our team has a strong commitment to creating sustained shareholder value and understand the importance of conducting our activities in a sustainable and responsible way. We believe it is essential that our team’s interests are aligned with those of our shareholders, and that all of our team share in the long-term future of the Santiago Precious Metals by investing in the company.

Our team of specialists are supported by our management board that have experience spanning many decades in leading successful businesses.

Humberto Vespucio Lorenzo
Humberto Vespucio Lorenzo is President of San Tiago Precious Metals with the privilege of leading the overall strategy of our company. Humberto has more than 30 years’ experience in the mining and exploration industries globally and in a wide range of capacities.
Humberto graduated with a BSc in Geology having studied at the Departamento de Geología at the Universidad de Chile in Santiago, and has worked extensively in his native Chile as well as Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Canada, Indonesia, Peru and South Africa in capacities ranging from site geologist through to Director of Discovery at a Canadian mining multinational.
Before founding San Tiago Precious Metals, Humberto served as an advisor to numerous bodies within the industry, such as Corporación Minera de Boliviaat and Ministerio de Energía y Minas in Peru, giving him extensive experience at every level within the industry and extensive contacts throughout the region.
Hamish MacLeod
Chief Executive Officer
Hamish MacLeod is San Tiago Precious Metals’ Chief Executive Officer with a lifetime of experience in the mining business. Hamish was raised in Kalgoorlie in the goldfields of Western Australia and is a 4th generation gold miner since his family arrived from the Isle of Lewis as part of the regions gold rush of the 1890’s.
Hamish studied Engineering at the University of Western Australia, before studying Business Management at Macquarie University in Sydney before joining a leading Anglo-Australian mining corporation. Working in a variety of roles in the industry prior to San Tiago Precious Metals, Hamish has acquired knowledge of technical, operational and management elements of the industry, which ideally places him to deal with his day-to-day responsibilities of leading our company, our team and our success.
Francisco Joaquin Montero
Chief Operations Officer
Francisco Joaquin 
Montero is the Chief Operations Officer at San Tiago Precious Metals. Francisco oversees the staff, operations and logistics associated with our projects. Francisco has 20 years of experience in exploration and mining in the gold, silver and Platinum Group Metals sector, having held management level positions in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru and South Africa.
Francisco has intricate knowledge of the El Indio Belt having previously served as Head of Operations in two other exploration projects within the region. Francisco has a degree in Physics from Universidad de Buenos Aires and an MBAESERP Business School in Madrid.