Santiago Precious Metals’ primary focus is to generate continued value for our shareholders through discovery, development and capitalisation of deposits of precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum group metals.

Santiago Precious Metals’ operations are low-cost which significantly increases our leverage in a dynamic commodity price market, allowing us to operate without the costs of hedging. Headquartered in the capital of Chile, Santiago, we are ideally located to access and explore the vast gold rich regions of South America.

Our focus on the under explored regions of the Andes Mountains in South America is complemented by our strategy to work in countries with longstanding political stability, developed infrastructure, and attractive industry regulations, primarily the Southern Andean Ranges of Chile and Argentina. This strategy provides additional security in our operations which is essential when committing capital, resources and staff to locations, and provides a higher potential risk-adjusted return for our investors.

Santiago Precious Metals’ project at the Valle de las Estrellas in the El Indio Belt, San Juan Province, Argentina, has potential for high production yields within the near term, with active royalty negotiations likely to be concluded in 2018. Santiago Precious Metals’ strategy is to discover probable reserves, determine the efficacy of production and secure mining leases. This approach coupled with our extensive exploration experience and local knowledge places us in the ideal position to capitalise on the potential at our property in the El Indio Belt, which is widely recognised as a world leading deposit of precious metals.

Recently Santiago Precious Metals has commenced negotiation of additional territories on an adjacent property in Chile’s Frontera District in order that we may extend the exploration beyond our existing territory to follow mineral veins. Our aim in this regard is to leverage our operational expenses and utilise our detailed knowledge of the region by extending our exploration terrain into adjacent areas.

Santiago Precious Metals is actively negotiating external projects as part of a strategy to expand beyond our core territories of Chile and Argentina. These external projects are structured on a hybrid revenue model which enables Santiago Precious Metals to receive payment for exploration services on a contractor basis as well as a share of the revenue from any future mining operations, thus reducing our operational risk and enhancing our future revenue flow.

We are currently negotiating with an Anglo-Australian Multinational, a metal mining group based in Canada and National and State governments in Peru and Bolivia, amongst other ventures. Having already successfully conducted several major exploration projects for the Bolivian Mining Cooperatives and having successfully discovered probable reserves of 50,000 ounces of gold, with over 3,000 ounces of PNGs in the last 5 years, Santiago Precious Metals is ideally placed to secure further exploration rights and contracts.

Santiago Precious Metals remains proactive in securing additional opportunities and augmenting long-term value for our shareholders, by acquiring, exploring, discovering and developing high quality precious metal reserves in South America.